‘du Maurier International World Cup 1970’ Matchbook Art Print

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'du Maurier International World Cup 1970' Matchbook Art Print

Celebrate the rich history of soccer with this vintage du Maurier matchbook art print, commemorating the 1970 International World Cup. Hosted in Mexico, this World Cup was a landmark event as it was the first to be broadcast in color. Showcasing legends like Pele and Gerd Muller, the tournament was a showcase of extraordinary talent. The matchbook, with its time-worn cover and its last remaining match, evokes the exhilaration and drama of the games, especially the memorable final between Brazil and Italy. An exceptional piece of memorabilia, this art print with its retro graphic design is not just a nod to the tournament's excitement but also a tribute to the era, making it a perfect collectible for any sports enthusiast or collector.

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A few years back, while browsing an estate sale, I came across a remarkable collection of vintage matchbooks. Being a graphic designer, their iconic and often minimalist designs immediately caught my eye. The aged and weathered look of these matchbooks added a unique character, each telling its own historical story. This find was captivating, not just for its historical allure but also for the insight it offered into the classic world of branding.

Printed locally in Vancouver

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January 1, 2024