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Pinterest Inspiration

Pinterest is an inspiring visual conversation. As a designer, it’s is a perfect place to find and share ideas for my own design projects. What I love about the interface is that you can instantly see great ideas for colour palettes, typography, WordPress ideas… endless really. I also use it for bigger collaborative projects, most

Barbara Kruger

My latest Pinterest addiction has been all things Barbara Kruger. I rediscovered her work last week and immediately became nostalgic for an artist that has inspired so much for me in the past. It started back many years ago during one of my Foundation classes at Emily Carr. Our assignment was to study an artist picked

Why Design?

Since grade 9 art class I’ve know that I wanted to become a graphic designer. My teacher Mr. Petrasko gave me a ‘Graphis’ magazine to go through as inspiration for our latest project. I asked him, ‘What type of art is this?’ He then went on to describe to me all the things that graphic

IDSwest 2012

On Friday I checked out the 8th annual Interior Design Show West with my friend, Tanya Tweten (Promoter at Heart). With over 350 exhibitors it was a lot to take in, but there were certainly quite a few booths that caught my eye.