‘Thank you… Call again’ Matchbook Art Print

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‘Thank you… Call again’ Matchbook Art Print

This 'Thank you... Call Again' matchbook print captures a time when customer service was the foundation of commerce. The design reflects back to an age when thoughtful tokens of gratitude were a staple in business interactions. It stands as an elegant homage to the timeless value of expressing thanks and appreciation in everyday exchanges.

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A few years back, while browsing an estate sale, I came across a remarkable collection of vintage matchbooks. Being a graphic designer, their iconic and often minimalist designs immediately caught my eye. The aged and weathered look of these matchbooks added a unique character, each telling its own historical story. This find was captivating, not just for its historical allure but also for the insight it offered into the classic world of branding.

Printed locally in Vancouver

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January 1, 2024