‘The Town Pump’ Matchbook Art Print

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The Town Pump

Own a piece of Vancouver's vibrant music history with this exquisite 12" x 12" art print, capturing the essence of the iconic Town Pump. Once the pulsing heart of Vancouver's music scene, the Town Pump at 66 Water Street in Gastown was more than a bar; it was a stage for the dreams of aspiring local bands and a platform for legends like the Tragically Hip, Delight and Nirvana. This high-quality print of a vintage Town Pump matchbook is a tribute to the days when live music filled the air and a sell-out show at this venue was a rite of passage for artists on the brink of greatness. Though the doors closed in '97, transitioning through names like Sonar, Fabric, and Zen, the spirit of the Town Pump lives on. Invite the memory of its electric atmosphere into your home or collection, and let the story of where Vancouver once rocked inspire you daily. This print is more than just wall art; it's a fragment of cultural heritage, a talking point, and a reverent salute to a time when music was a unifying force in the heart of Vancouver.

Matchbook Prints

Several years ago, during an exploration of an estate sale, I discovered an extraordinary collection of vintage matchbooks. As a graphic designer, I was fascinated by their iconic and frequently minimalist branding. These matchbooks, with their aged and weathered appearance, possess a unique character that narrates their historical journey. This discovery caught my attention not just for its historical charm but also provided an intriguing perspective on the world of old-school branding.

Printed locally in Vancouver

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January 1, 2024