‘The Town Pump’ Matchbook Art Print


This print of a matchbook from The Town Pump, a now-defunct bar in Vancouver, evokes memories of nights filled with music, laughter, and camaraderie. The matchbook, worn at the edges and tinged with the smell of smoke, may bring back the familiar sound of clinking glasses and the buzz of conversations in the dimly lit room. It also reminds us of the eclectic mix of people who frequented the bar, from musicians and artists to blue-collar workers and college students.
While The Town Pump may no longer exist, its legacy lives on through the stories and memories of those who experienced its vibrant atmosphere.

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A few years ago, while browsing an estate sale, I stumbled upon a treasure trove of vintage matchbooks. As a graphic designer, I couldn't help but be captivated by their iconic and often minimalist branding. Their well-worn and weathered state adds to their distinct character that tells a story of their own.


March 26, 2023