BDA Francophonie Exhibit

BDA Sommet du Francophonie Exhibit, Kinshasa 2012 | Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
The BDA Foundation’s Plant Action programme represents sustainability of the natural world and communities in Africa. We designed an exhibit to represent this human-nature connection in for this exhibit.
The mural design uses the Acacia tree as the base and the leaf motif follows the Acacia tree top shape. Users are invited to write their own message onto one of the Acacia tree leaves of what biodiversity and sustainable development mean to them.

Lead | Content Director: David Oswald, Design + Environment
AD | Graphic Design: Lisa Edward (studiochartreuse for Design + Environment)


Rio Conventions Pavilion

Rio+20 Conference | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The Rio Conventions Pavilion was a venue where global progress on conservation of biological diversity, combating desertification, and the framework on climate change would be discussed. The goal of this monumental event was to map out the world’s next steps towards sustainable development. Within the leaf shapes on the graphic panels were messages from the ‘@Rio+20 Messages of the World’ Twitter feed. During the event, users had their own opportunity to add their unique messages to the wall panels.
The highly interactive environmental graphics concept was the hit of the pavilion with the likes of Miss Universe and many other visitors writing their hopes for a sustainable future on graphic leaves placed on the pavilion panels.
Lead | Content Director: David Oswald, Design + Environment
AD | Graphic Design: Lisa Edward (studiochartreuse for Design + Environment)


Telus World of Science Calgary


DE Design + Environment
Sparks* Science Centre
Production Management, Project Management, Graphic Design, Pre-press
Gallery 1 Earth & Sky
Gallery 2 – Energy & Innovation
Calgary, Canada

Lead, Content Director: David Oswald, Design + Environment | Graphic Design, Production Management: Lisa Edward (studiochartreuse for Design + Environment) | Art Direction: Chad McCallum
Duration: Six Months, May – October 2011

Telus Spark was conceived based on the idea of making a different kind of science centre focusing on fostering creativity and shared experiences relating to science, technology, and humanity. The DE team did the 3D exhibit design for the Being Human Gallery, graphics production for all four main galleries, art direction and graphics management for the entire project, as well as exhibit conceptualization, content direction, and writing for the Earth and Sky Gallery.