Glass House on Deer Lake

My husband Damian found this article about a house we saw a few years ago when we were out on a walk at Deer Lake.

I looked into it, trying to find out how I could get access. Turns out only if you’re an architectural student at BCIT. If you’re ever in the area, it’s a beautiful walk and a nice surprise to come across this amazing house amongst the trees along the trail.


“How did this modernist gem end up on a public body of water in Burnaby?” 

The house tries to hide among the trees on the south shore of Burnaby’s Deer Lake, but it’s too beautiful for that.

Passersby call it “the glass house” for the panoramic panels that stretch from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. With so much glass, the house is transparent enough for nosy hikers on the lake trail to peer into the living room, with its sweeping and enviable views of the water.

Is that sisal carpeting? Is that teak furniture?

Whether it’s your first time strolling by or your hundredth, you can’t help but stop to ask what this modernist gem, the only structure actually on the lake, is doing out here in the wild.


Here’s a link to the article: Read Here

Historic Places | Baldwin House

Christopher Cheung 22 Nov 2023The Tyee

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Arthur Erickson at the Baldwin House, 2003