Steve Jobs and the Value of the Journey

Recently, I finally got around to listening to the audiobook of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. One quote from Jobs that really hit home for me was: “The journey is the reward.”


This quote is a peek into how Jobs viewed life and work. It wasn’t just about the endgame—money, fame, or success. What mattered most was the experience, the learning, and the growth along the way…

It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to reach a goal or a milestone, but if we take Jobs’s advice to heart, we start to see the value in the challenges we face and the lessons we learn, regardless of the outcome. Embracing the journey helps us appreciate the here and now, making us more resilient and open to taking chances. If we fixate on the destination, we might miss out on the fun of getting there.

Listening to Jobs’s biography isn’t just about learning the history of an icon; it’s a nudge to rethink how I view my goals and challenges.

“The journey is the reward” – It’s about enjoying the ride, not just waiting for the celebration at the end. The real prize is the experience itself…